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Jeep Wrangler JK
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Choose the best. When looking for suspension, look for value and performance. We understand that durability, on and off-road handling, and serviceability are some of the most valued features when making this choice. Pick the most complete, best working Long Arm suspension package available; Rubicon Express Suspension.

Rubicon Express offers a host of Jeep suspension for your vehicle. All of our components are designed to work as a system with our suspension kits. However, many can be added onto other manufacturers lifts. Our suspension parts are created of the highest quality metals and plastics and are flawlessly finished in paint or powerdercoat depending on application. As most of Rubicons kits are designed with an upgrade path, most of our kits are available piece by piece.

Specifically calibrated and tested for each vehicle our mono-tube shocks provide excellent heat dissipation resulting in dependable performance under all conditions. The large 46mm sintered metal velocity-sensitive piston for more consistent performance. The Nitro steel piston rods, won't chip or peel like chrome rods and the viton seal and low friction piston rod bearing for long life. Shocks are available with remote reservoir and are fully serviceable and tunable. Polyurethane bushings are more responsive and durable powder coated finish resists scratches. Robotic welds for greater consistency. Our shocks are manufactured in the USA.

Whether you're looking for an add-a-leaf or 5.5" front coil for your Jeep, we have what you need. Our springs are manufactured and tested to the highest standards. When you buy a Rubicon lift spring you're not getting an average product. All coils and leafs are designed to provide the most performance and durability. Instead of using high spring rates that cause a rough ride, we use high quality steel with lower rates that allow your Jeep to articulate off-road while still providing a controlled on-road ride

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